Mona is our 30′ narrowboat, moored on the River Avon at Keynsham, midway between Bath and Bristol.

Inside Mona when we bought her her from Jon & Linz.
Inside Mona when we first bought her from Jon & Linz.

Although our permanent address is in the far west of Cornwall, we have become increasingly nomadic over the last few years. Originally sparked by Chris working away midweek in Bristol, buying Mona was in part a utilitarian choice – we needed somewhere affordable to part-time live  up country that had better facilities than a grotty bedsit in Cotham. Our border collie, Harry, approves.

With my growing interest in all things watery… thinking about living with, on and by water, Mona is an exciting venture. We start to move into her today, Friday 2nd January 2015. I will use this site in part to narrate and reflect on our unfolding life living on and by water: #Mona.

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