Our first mini flood episode

A couple of week our fledgeling flotilla grew; Armorique joined us. An old GP14 (for those in the know – which as you will shortly see does not really include us), Armorique is a small sailing dingy we bought to as a tender – something to cross over the river to where the walks are much better or a 15 minute sail down stream to the pub. A bit of messing about on water, Swallows and Amazons style. I’m really showing my age here – I kept all my much loved, several times read, Swallows and Amazons books but could never interest my children. Tales of messing around in boats far away from grown ups could just not compete with Harry Potter. But it has stayed with me, I don’t think however we are a match for Captain Flint – he is safe from our gangplank.

With Amorique moored alongside Mona and looking forward to days spent sailing the river in a few weeks time, Chris headed down to Cornwall for the weekend. Arriving back at Keynsham late last night from the lab, he woke this morning to find Armorique not far from being submerged following an unseasonal deluge of rain over the weekend. We (-I-) had not left the boom nested into position on the mast to hold the cover up… so she is now full to the gunnels and listing.

While I sit here in Cornwall typing my phone beeps every few minutes with an update as Chris pumps her out. I will fix the boom properly next time.

She is ‘happier’ now!

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