The river is always waiting to take you

Kevin, fellow boater who has lived on the water at Keynsham for 15 years, was sorting out Mona’s engine for us yesterday. We got into a conversation about living on the river, the gap between the image, the dream and the reality. ‘The river is always waiting to take you’. At least six boats were lost last winter as the river rose at least 12 feet, bursting its banks and turned the  surrounding fields into a deep lake of turgid water with unknown depths and currents. Many boaters had gone away for Christmas leaving their boats well moored along the banks. Unfortunately those moored to fixed points rather than floating pontoons that could rise with the waters, returned to find their boats dragged under.

Meanwhile as I sit reading, enjoying the sun streaming in through the front opening, ducks squark – its that time of year – and a cat from several boats down comes in and curls up on my gently rocking bed.


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