Almost 7,000 UK homes to be lost to the rising seas

Collapsed houses lie on the beach after a storm surge in Hemsby, eastern England, 6 December 2013. Parts of England’s east coast, from Yorkshire to Essex are vulnerable to stronger storms and rising sea levels due to climate change. Photograph: Darren Staples/Reuters. Guardian 28/12/14

Almost 7,000 UK Properties to be sacrificed to rising seas
(Damian Carrington, Guardian 28/12/14)

Now a year on from the devastating floods of last winter, the Guardian reports on an unpublished Environment Agency article that suggests we will loose 7000 homes to the seas over the next 100 years. The largest proportion are likely to be in Cornwall, with 76 homes likely to disappear with the waters in the next 20 years alone:

‘The local authority in which most homes are expected to be lost in the next 20 years is Cornwall, with 76. Cornwall also tops the list for homes lost in 50 years, with 132. Looking 100 years ahead, six local authorities are expected to lose more than 200 homes each: Great Yarmouth (293), Southampton (280), Cornwall (273), North Norfolk (237), East Riding of Yorkshire (204) and Scarborough (203).’

Holding the line? Managed retreat? Learning to think differently about our relationship to the sea?

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