Thursday May 24th. The first day of Summer.

DSC_0218The coast road – nature & heritage, culture & image.

Traffic. So much traffic. Coaches, buses, visitors, tail backs as they try to negotiate the hedge bounded – granite – twisty lanes.

And red-hot pokers framing the bridge.


I started to play with re-appropriating the site, performing for camera, inserting self into landscape, the beginnings of a project I will follow up on later. A politicised landscape. I’m thinking of painting, of images to deconstruct how we read landscape – the landscape of leisure – which takes me back to the frame, to images, to French realism – the rural as playground for the urban bourgeoisie and the exaltation of the countryside at the time of the industrial revolution – I’m struck by the obvious paradox standing in the midst of a post-industrial landscape, almost post-farming landscape.

Bonjour M. Courbet – le flanêur.

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