Things I’m thinking about –

  • place as event
  • writing as event
  • painting as event

Doreen Massey (2008):

‘The landscape, too, is a simultaneity of stories-so-far.[…] this discovery of stories, and what they tell us, allows us to build a political argument.’

‘And finally, this is not the same as simply saying that the landscape is not static; that it is always ‘in process’, and so forth. Of course it is. The question is how we conceptualise that. What is at issue here is an insistence on the contemporaneous multiplicity of stories. It challenges perhaps that very notion of a landscape as a oneness. To walk across a landscape with any degree of awareness is to pick your way across the locations of a host of unfinished trajectories. Their unfinishedness addresses our today.’

On the other hand, as here, there is an acknowledgement of the temporalities of that space, which alerts us to potential questions for today.

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